2nd LTTA Meeting for CHANCE Project

On the European front, the second event of Learnig, Teaching and Training Activities took place – through the telematic method – regarding the CHANCE project. Held from 14 to 16 June, it saw the participation of the Director of the Committee, as well as Head of the Project, Roberto Rinaldi, the President Ferruccio Valzano, the volunteer of the Civil Service Alexandra Marchino and Giada Rapa, a member of the Communication Group.

“Despite the impossibility of organizing a meeting in person, Freedom Gate Greece – leader of the project – managed to set up a well-structured training course, which allowed us to acquire important information on probation, or on testing of minors. In particular, the excellent management system of Finland and Spain emerged, where non-adult subjects who have had problems with justice are entrusted to non-profit associations, which obtain the necessary resources for the management of minors directly from State ”explains Rinaldi. The objectives of probation are many: in particular, it tends to provide minors with a protected environment, where they can detoxify from the use of drugs, implement their skills, learn a job, improve social reactions and, more generally, relationships. with the outside world. The situation in Italy is a little different, since the trial, while drawing inspiration from the Anglo-Saxon probation system, differs from it since it does not constitute an alternative measure to the penalty, but an intervention to suspend the criminal trial.

With the pandemic situation improving, the next meeting is expected to take place in the Finnish city of Tampere in October, while the final meeting has currently been scheduled between the end of November and the beginning of December in the capital of Greece.