A peculiar meeting for CHANCE project

The health emergency that Italy has faced in recent days has not stopped the trip to Athens of the Territorial Committee UISP Ciriè Settimo Chivasso. From 3 to 7 March, in fact, a delegation composed of the Director Roberto Rinaldi, the Project Manager Francesca Di Feo, the volunteer of the Civil Service Stefano Galaverna and Giada Rapa, member of the Committee’s Communication Group, went to the Greek capital to a training meeting related to the European Change project. In the 3 intense days of Learnig, Teaching and Training Activities, the various partners involved who managed to reach Athens due to the alert situation caused by the new Coronavirus CoVid-19, acquired an important wealth of information that will allow them to deal with Chance’s goals are the best way. The project, a bit outside the usual sphere of competence of the Territorial Committee UISP Ciriè Settimo Chivasso, is in fact aimed at minors who are in probation conditions, that is, put to the test. In the Italian legal system, testing for minors is regulated by Article 28 of Presidential Decree 488/88 and c is an alternative method to defining the process, through which it is possible to obtain a dissolution ruling for extinction of the crime if the probation period to which the suspect or accused person accesses ends successfully. This, unlike what happens in most European countries, represents the only institution of our system to provide for the application of criminal mediation and other restorative justice strategies. Although inspired by the Anglo-Saxon probation system, the Italian test is different from the fact that it is not an alternative measure to punishment, but an intervention during the criminal trial. The differences in this sense between all the States of the associations involved – Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Romania, Spain – were analyzed in the meeting days, which were not easy at all for the members of the Ciriè Settimo Chivasso Committee. “For reasons of force majeure we were forced to follow the meeting via Skype in order to guarantee the safety of all the partners involved, with all the difficulties involved. However, thanks to the audio-video support and the didactic material that was promptly provided to us by Freedom Gate Greece, leader of this project, the objectives of the meeting relating to the acquisition of skills were achieved without excessive complications “explained Director Rinaldi . Di Feo is also quite satisfied. “Despite the health emergency linked to Coronavirus, which forced us to follow the three days of training remotely, the outcome of this meeting is undoubtedly positive. Thanks to internet support, the Committee not only followed the interventions of the other partners thus laying the theoretical foundations, but also had the opportunity to present its contribution to social inclusion through sport for all “. However, precisely because the situation that is going through Italy and the whole of Europe must not be underestimated, for several projects currently active the Territorial Committee UISP Ciriè Settimo Chivasso intends to ask the European Commission for the cause of force majeure, in order to suspend implementation activities until the health emergency has returned.