First [RE]Enter workshop

In addition to organizing the Vivicittà event, the last week of March saw our Committee particularly active also from the point of view of European projects.

In fact, from 25 to 29 March, the first training meeting on the RE project took place in the city of Athens. The latter, which involves adults who carry out voluntary activities within the detention centers, in order to provide them with the tools necessary for the rehabilitation of prisoners, sees our Committee play the role of partner together with other 7 European realities – two Romanian associations, a Cypriot, a Finnish, a Portuguese, a Spanish and the Greek university of Thessaly – coordinated by the association Freedom Gate Greece, leader of the project. The first training event required the participation of 3 trainers for each of the 9 associations involved: for the Committee the Director and Local Coordinator of the Project Roberto Rinaldi, the Project Manager Francesca Di Feo and the Civil Service volunteer as well as a psychology graduate participated with specialization in Criminology Matteo Altare. During the training days, the participants took part in lectures and roleplaying activities and practical exercises, in order to learn the different techniques of rehabilitation and re-introduction in society of ex-prisoners and subjects about to abandon the custodial institutions. Support that is not limited to prisoners, but also involves their families, in order to facilitate a return, especially from the point of view of reception, which is not always easy. “This first training meeting was very fruitful, above all from the point of view of acquiring skills and sharing different ideas and approach techniques. But our learning does not end here: we are already preparing for a further meeting, with other modules that will be provided to partners in exchange for good practices, ”explained Di Feo. The second training event, scheduled for October 2019, will take place in Finland, to be precise in the city of Tampere. Following these workshops, the trainers will return to their own territory to teach 50 young people in the spring of 2020 – for a total of 450 people – who will go on to volunteer within the detention facilities. RE [ENTER] therefore, stands as a project with a double social value: in addition to providing means of emancipation for prisoners, in fact, it also intends to offer a concrete job opportunity, giving specific training to the 450 subjects indicated above.