In Finland, the second-last transnational meeting project for CHANCE

The last meeting in the presence of the CHANCE project took place from 3 to 7 March 2020, in the city of Athens, when the partners were invited to participate in several training days. Already at the time, some of them had not been able to reach the Greek capital due to the difficult health situation linked to CoVid-19, which at that time was beginning to spread throughout Europe. Then, the worsening of the emergency blocked everything for months, with partners from different countries – the Association Sport For All Suceava and the European Strategy Consulting from Romania, the Courage Foundation and the United Professional for Sustainable Development Association from Bulgaria, the Probation Service of Greece, the Fundación Diagrama Intervención Psicosocial from Spain and the Silta-Valmennusyhdistys ry from Finland, as well as the UISP Committee Ciriè Settimo Chivasso and the Freedom Gate Greece, which holds the role of Lead Partner – which have always been held in contact without knowing when the situation would improve and allow activities to resume.

In June 2021, more than a year later, it was possible to organize a new meeting, albeit exclusively in video-call mode, for a well-structured training course that made it possible to acquire important information on probation, i.e. proof- of minors. CHANCE, in fact, is aimed precisely at operators who have to deal with subjects who find themselves in conditions of testing with alternative measures to prison. The objectives of probation are many: in particular, it tends to provide minors with a protected environment, where they can detoxify from the use of drugs, implement their skills, learn a job, improve social reactions and, more generally, relationships. with the outside world. Just last week the penultimate transnational project meeting linked to CHANCE was held, which saw the meeting again in the presence of all the partners involved. Representing the UISP Committee Ciriè Settimo Chivasso were the Director Roberto Rinaldi and the volunteer of the Civil Service Alexandra Marchino, who from 11 to 13 October went to the Finnish city of Tampere, guests of the Silta association. Silta, a non-profit organization in the area that obtains the necessary funding from the Ministry of Justice, deals with operating on various issues that address the problem of social hardship, through training courses both for those who find themselves in probation conditions, and for the unemployed. “During this trip we also had the opportunity to speak with the guests of the facility, that is some prisoners on semi-freedom condemned for substance abuse, who are finding rehabilitation through workshops of various kinds, also thanks to psychological support. During the first day it was also possible to visit computer labs and carpentry ”explained Rinaldi. At this juncture, the intervention of an official of the Ministry of Justice of Finland was particularly interesting, who explained in detail how the state takes care of people subjected to alternative measures to prison.

“During the second day, however, the various partners were assigned the various tasks to be carried out to complete the CHANCE project, which will officially end on December 31, 2021” concluded Rinaldi. In addition, a final meeting will be held in the city of Athens in mid-December.