IRISES – International Roma Integration throught Successful Exchange of good practiceS

IRISES PROJECT it’s a two-year project developed by UISP Ciriè Settimo Chivasso (Italy), in association with other partners such as Courage Foundation (Bulgaria), Association Sport For all Suceava (Romania), Former State Fostered Children’s Association (Ungheria), The Child Center (Slovakia), Agrupamento de Escolas de Miranda do Corvo (Portugal), Freedom Gate Greece (Greece).


IRISES project’s main goal is to protect disadvantaged children’s rights, ROMA and not, living in residential care through specific training for operators working in residential care and institutions. This training is achieved by exchanging good practices. The projects directly involves children living/attending residential care who will take part to meeting and workshops scheduled in the project


The target groups of the project were more than 70 practitioners/professionals dealing with children in residential care or detention; more than 700 Roma and non Roma children in residental care of age 10 – 18 in areas of high concentration of Roma population. The stakeholders representatives are: NGOs – associations working with children, Roma and non Roma associations; representatives of local administration, educational institutes, ministries, state agencies for the protection the rights of the children, representatives of the media. More than 200 representatives of different stakeholders took part in press conferences and dissemination activities. The indirect target groups are: ordinary citizens, who will receive information about the project from media and promotional material and will increase their sensitivity about the problem of infringing the rights of the children in residential care and detention.

Project Started in January 2015 and concluded in June 2016

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