Last LTTA Meeting for SPIRITS Project

Although the new 2021/2022 sports season has officially begun starting from 1 September, the UISP Ciriè Settimo Chivasso Committee has already become the protagonist of many appointments, with meetings of a European nature and territorial events. In Europe, from Monday 6 to Friday 10 September, the Director of the Committee Roberto Rinaldi went to Romania, to be precise in the city of Suceava for the last LTTA -Learning, Teaching and Training Activity- concerning the SPIRITS project. In addition to Rinaldi, Francesco Aceti also participated for the Committee, while for the UISP Alessandria-Asti Committee the delegation was formed by the vice-president Mara Scagni and by the Deputy Commissioner Prosecutor Giulio Romeo, Head of the Penitentiary Police of Alessandria. “In addition to us, 14 physical education teachers attended this second training meeting who will go to work in prison institutions or who will deal with the rehabilitation of prisoners through sport. Mainly, training modules were provided by our two Committees, but this second LTTA was also supplemented by the visit to the Botosani penitentiary, ”says Rinaldi. “We spent the whole day here: this experience was a great way to understand the hard life of the inmates inside the prison, as well as the sports activities that our partner association, the Asociatia Judeteana” Sportul Pentru Toti “Suceava has plans “. The last day was also particularly interesting, thanks to a meeting with representatives of some associations that deal with the rehabilitation of prisoners.