Last training event for [RE]ENTER

New training appointment for our Committee within RE [ENTER].
The project, co-financed by the European Union within the Erasmus + Program, involves adults who carry out voluntary activities within prison institutions, in order to provide them with the necessary tools for the rehabilitation of prisoners. In this program, the Committee plays the role of partner, together with 7 other European companies – Asociația Județeană Sportul Pentru Toți Suceava and European Strategies Consulting from Romania; Citizens in Power of Cyprus; the Fundación Diagrama Intervención Psicosocial of Spain; the Innovative Prison Solutions of Portugal; the Silta-Valmennusyhdistys ry of Finland and the Greek university of Thessaly – coordinated by the Freedom Gate Greece association, leader of RE [ENTER]. Also this second meeting, held in the Finnish city of Tampere from 18 to 22 November, for the Territorial Committee was attended by the Director and Local Coordinator of the Project Roberto Rinaldi, the Project Manager Francesca Di Feo and the volunteer of the Civil Service and a graduate in Psychology with specialization in Criminology Matteo Altare. “With this second appointment, preceded by the one held in Athens in March, we concluded the training course for all the instructors of the various partners participating in the project, in order to acquire new skills and discuss the different approach techniques also with regard to accompaniment. of detainees once they are released from prison. Often, in fact, the return is not easy not only from a working point of view, but also in the family context. The Silta association that hosted us, for example, is strongly marked by following ex-prisoners on their path of reintroduction into society. The impact reported by some ex-prisoners and ex-drug addicts, who thanks to Silta have had a very active reintegration into the world of work, have been very impactful in this sense. In this context, Finland has shown that it has a better prison system and relative rehabilitation support than many European countries, thanks also to the support of state funds “explained Rinaldi. During the training days, during which the partners discussed the realities and the different methods of approach in the states involved, Francesca Di Feo and Matteo Altare presented a detailed report on the benefits brought by sporting activity within the structures prison. After the training events, which ended with this meeting, the second phase of the RE [ENTER] project will start in 2020. Each of the partners involved, thanks to the skills acquired, will now have to train 50 young people – for a total of 450 people – who will go on volunteering within the detention facilities. RE [ENTER] therefore acts as a project with a double social value: in addition to providing means of emancipation for prisoners, in fact, it also intends to offer a concrete job opportunity, giving specific training to the 450 subjects indicated above.