Meeting for Memtrain in Gdynia, Poland

The meeting for the MemTrain project was held in Gdynia, Poland, of which the Committee is a partner. On this occasion, all the partners presented the material collected and created during the months of the project. Each partner is in fact responsible for an area of ​​activity, which will be tested in autumn for participants over 55+.

The test methodology consists of a period of 10 weeks of regular activity, during which the participants will exercise the memory (20 minutes) and the motor skills (40 minutes between Nordic walking, running, zumba and gymnastics) Before and after the cycle of 10 weeks, each participant will undergo physical and cognitive texts to verify the success of the program.

At the Memtrain meeting on August 14th, all the activities were presented in detail. During the activities, the participants also had the opportunity to have fun and meet new people, as can be seen in the video summarized below.