New European winds for the Committee

A couple of weeks ago we discussed the collaboration of our Committee on the RIMA -Research In Motion for the Elderly- project in order to evaluate the positive impact of Adapted Physical Activity not only on those who practice this particular type of gymnastics, but also on the National Health Service itself in terms of reducing specialist visits, rehabilitation programs and taking medications. For years, in fact, the Ciriè Settimo Chivasso Committee has, among its main missions, to offer a healthier third age precisely through the proposal of the AFA, in close collaboration with the ASL TO4. However, the need to ensure healthy aging for those over 65 linked above all to greater physical activity is not only an Italian problem. In 2015 the ISCA -International Sport & Culture Association- commissioned a study called “Economic Costs of Physical Inactivity in Europe”: the latter showed that every year – in the area under consideration – about half a million citizens die as a consequence of physical inactivity and that one in four adults does not practice any type of sport. Precisely on the basis of these considerations is based “Wise & Fit!”, A European project for which our Committee immediately made itself available to collaborate as a partner. The project, coordinated by the Croatian association Udruga Sport Viv, aims to promote, among those over 65, a series of exercises adaptable to every need and physical condition, to be carried out outside their homes or dedicated structures , or in urban environments such as public parks, courtyards and playgrounds. The kick-off meeting will take place on February 26 in Samobor, Croatia, and will be attended by the Director of the Committee Roberto Rinaldi and the Project Manager Francesca Di Feo. Before this appointment, however, Rinaldi and Di Feo will be engaged in the kick-off meeting of another European project, WINGS, which will take place in Plovdiv -in Bulgaria- starting from February 12th: the project, which is configured as truly special , sees again the participation of our Committee as partner. In WINGS, if on the one hand, sport is always the preferred means of promoting sporting activity and participation among people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, the target to which the project refers is a little more unusual. This project, in fact, is aimed particularly at women and girls who have been or are at high risk of violence, in order also to plan – and consequently implement – a study that will allow the collection of data and strengthen the network of cooperation between the various partners participating in the project. An action that today is more necessary than ever, since according to statistics from the World Health Organization, more than one woman in three in her life has suffered at least one episode of violence.