Nordic Walking courses thanks to the PACE project

Within the European project PACE, an acronym for Physical ACtivity Enhancement and English translation of rhythm, which aims to awaken interest in sport and physical activity in the 50-75 age group, our Committee offers several Nordic Walking and Adapted Physical Activity activities.

As for Nordic Walking, the Committee will activate two completely free courses, one on the territory of Ciriè and one on that of Chivasso, lasting 6 months, with introductory lessons on the basics of the discipline followed by weekly outings. Availability is 12 places for people between the ages of 50 and 65, who will be assigned based on the enrollment order. Both courses will start on Saturday 4 May: as for Ciriè, meeting at 99 via Robassomero at the IperCoop supermarket parking lot at 9.30 am, while for Chivasso the activities will start at 2.30 pm at the Mauriziano Park. For more information contact Francesca Di Feo -393 / 83.76.555- Davide Bruciaferri -348 / 30.18.155- or Jessica Donati -346 / 52.83.548. as far as the AFA is concerned, however, a course that is always free for 6 months, but this time for 12 people aged between 65 and 75, will be activated from Saturday 4 May at 9.30 am at the Residenza per Anziani ” Il Girasole “by Ciriè, in Piazza Castello 8. For more information, besides Francesca Di Feo, you can contact Lisa Crosetti -348 / 14.22.751.