PACE Project’s intermediate meeting “en la ciudad de palmeras”, Elche

Promote physical activity, especially by reawakening interest in sport in the age group between 50 and 75 years, which is often given little importance. This is the main objective of the PACE project, which sees the UISP Territorial Committee Ciriè Settimo Chivasso as leader together with the non-profit organizations AJSPT Suceava of Romania, Courage Foudation of Bulgaria and Gdynia Sport Center of Poland, in collaboration with the Spanish University Miguel Hernandez. According to Eurobarometer data, Bulgaria has 68% of inactive people, followed by Italy with 63%, Romania with 62%, Poland with 56% and Spain with 46%, single among the States involved to settle below 50%. From the emerged data it is particularly important to operate in the aforementioned age group, in order to guarantee these subjects a healthier third age, because while on the one hand life expectancy has increased in subjects over 50, in the same way it has increased the risk of chronic non-communicable diseases – such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic bronchial and neurodegenerative pulmonary diseases – and of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal disorders. From 11 to 14 October the different partners involved found themselves in the city of Elche, home of the university that deals with the analysis of data, in order to show what has been done so far, discuss any problems and discuss the most suitable ways to the realization of the Good Practices Manual which will also be correlated by a video support. Present on behalf of the UISP Committee Ciriè Settimo Chivasso, the Director Roberto Rinaldi and the International Project Manager Francesca Di Feo. “This third meeting was very fruitful because it allowed us to take stock of the situation in order to better prepare ourselves for the implementation phase. All partners have in fact proved to be well aligned on the tasks to be completed, PACE is certainly on the right path to becoming a good practice. Sharing the work done so far has given us new ideas, especially in the presentation of the audio-visual material “commented Di Feo with satisfaction. There was also satisfaction shared by Rinaldi, especially since the Committee Director was initially afraid of some delays in the performance of activities by some partners, which proved to be unfounded. “As we already knew, this is a project that wants to demonstrate the goodness of the effects of physical activity on subjects over 50, but also its important social value. PACE proposes to experiment on the field physical activities of various kinds, measuring their effectiveness through the administration of initial and final tests that will be specifically analyzed and processed by the University of Elche. Each of the partners has in fact decided to promote diversified activities: as far as our Committee is concerned, we offer courses of AFA and Nordic Walking, AJSPT Suceava promotes activities of sweet gymnastics, the Courage Foudation courses of traditional dances and activities of the Norbekov method, while the Gdynia Sport Center offers gymnastics and zumba courses aimed at the age group in question ”. The PACE final meeting will take place next year, in May, in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv from 14 to 17: on this occasion the verification of the activities carried out and the delivery of the material useful for the realization of the Manual will take place.