HOSPITALITY – Holistic Sport Disciplines for People With Intellectual Disability- is a project that aims to offer people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to participate in physical activities focused on gentle gymnastics and relaxation, also supported by moments of guided meditation. In line with the conclusions of the European Council of 18 November 2010 on the role of sport as a source and engine of active social inclusion, the project’s main objective is to encourage and promote the participation in sport of people from disadvantaged backgrounds, guaranteeing the same time their inclusion in society through sport, introducing them to new social networks and equipping them with new skills.

For more information about HOSPITALITY Project, see the Facebook Page and the Website

Project started in 2020 – ongoing


29/10/2022 – Final meeting in Borgaro for HOSPITALITY Project

28/09/2022 – HOSPITALITY: interesting meeting in Plovdiv

27/06/2022 – The HOSPITALITY project has been extended for 6 months due to the pandemic

26/05/2022 – In Castelletto Ticino for the HOSPITALITY project

16/11/2021 – In Rijeka for HOSPITALITY

24/05/2021 – The HOSPITALITY project was presented electronically


30/10/2022 – Courage Foundation и ЦСОП-Пловдив представиха в Торино постиженията по проекта „Спорт за хора с увреждания“

24/06/2022 – Демонстрационен урок за двигателна активност с експерти от Италия, Турция, Румъния и България в ЦСОП–Пловдив