With this project we want to stimulate the sporting activity of older people to remain vital and healthy in mature years. Special attention will be aimed to older people in retirement homes, retired (pensioners’) associations, and elderly people who are at home. The project promotes equality in the involvement of all people’s sports activities, a special emphasis will be given to sports activities outside, in the nature.

Health conservation is an important aspect, just like the knowledge of disease and disability, which are common for older people, is also very important, and exercises will be adapted according to the above. In 2015, ISCA commissioned a study called the “Economic Costs of Physical Inactivity in Europe”, showing that half a million Europeans die every year as a result of being physically inactive. One in four adults across Europe is currently physically inactive. Training for seniors proposes new dimension in context of innovative exercises for seniors respecting their physical condition, limitations per age and physical ability (illness, health problems, disability etc.) in harmony with nature. Project will covered three main sets of activities: development and pilot of training for the elderly (65+) for outdoor implementation, train the trainers volunteers from sport organizations and pilot implementation (including healthy nutrition). At the training programme development we will consider three aspects: movement & nature & socialising . Project is focused on the development of an exercises for seniors 65+, which will be adapted to their abilities and possibilities. Exercises will be conducted outside in urban environments as city parks, yards, forests, playgrounds. Exercises would be taking into account the capacity of each individual. Creative exercises for seniors will be developed within the project partnership by sports professionals. Sport volunteers will be trained for managing workouts for seniors with support of e-learning platform.

Project started in 2020 – finished in 2021

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10/12/2021 – Final Meeting for FIT&Wise Project

06/11/2021 – Training meeting for the FIT&Wise Project