Between 17-24 march 2010 a new enthralling Uisp initiative came to life. The sky over Castelletto sopra Ticino (No) and Borgaro torinese became red, yellow, white, green and blue. During the night a sparkling half moon upraised with a pulsar by its side and a dozen stars in circle appeared, evoking the flag of our Europe. There was in progress the international workshop “SCAI” (it’s very curios that this abbreviation calls to mind the English “sky”…) organized by the Uisp Territorial Committee of Ciriè Settimo Chivasso with the funding of the European Union. Groups of people coming from Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and Latvia gathered in the name of “active citizenship”, reciprocal respect and integration of people. Uisp operators organized debates around important topics like integration, active citizenship and sport of citizenship. International psychologists submitted curios role-playing games to improve integration and the acquaintance among people of different cultures, customs and traditions. The same regard has been allowed to the out-and-out physical activity, considered as an extraordinary tool to fall the barriers and to improve the approach among people. The “SCAI” workshops represents the last enthralling challenge of the Territorial Committee in international range. The pursued philosophy is always the same: sport as an integration tool and as a right and heritage for everybody.

Project startede and concluded in 2008