The committee suspends ongoing projects but looks to the future #andràtuttobene

The Coronavirus CoVid-19 emergency has now spread throughout Europe. It is therefore impossible, for the Territorial Committee UISP Ciriè Settimo Chivasso, not to question the progress of the numerous European projects currently active, some of which as partners, others in the lead. “Currently – explains the Director of the Committee Roberto Rinald – we have two types of projects that see us play the role of leader. The first is SPIRITS, which falling within the scope of Key Action 2 projects are managed by INDIRE, the National Erasmus + Agency, the European program for education, training, youth and sport for the period 2014-2020 . The other is PACE, whose contact person is EACEA, the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency. The evolution and worsening of the health emergency in recent weeks has therefore prompted us to send a request for suspension to the various agencies. ” In fact, the European Union provides this method for cases of force majeure, or “any unforeseeable and exceptional situation or event, independent of the will of the parties, which prevents the fulfillment of one or more obligations under the Convention”. “For the moment, for the SPIRITS project, we can carry out an informal suspension, then resume it and obtain an extension that in any case cannot exceed 12 months. In any case, if all goes well, we plan to resume activities in September. As regards PACE, however, we await the decisions of the European Commission in this regard, just as we await the communications from the Lead Partners for the other projects for which we play the role of partner. The hope is that they too will behave in our own way and open the appropriate procedures to manage this emergency situation “continues the Director of the Committee Cirie Settimo Chivasso. “In general we are trying to limit the damage as much as possible, in order to carry out the projects with a few months of delay, but without losing any goal”. However, if the already active projects have suffered a setback, the same cannot be said of the design. The Director Rinaldi and the Project Manager Francesca Di Feo, in fact, in recent weeks have been working hard to present four international projects, always focused on the theme of social sport. In this case, the Territorial Committee is dealing with the ETHOS -Environment THrOugh Sport- project focused on environmental sustainability in the sports field; HOSPITALITY -HOlistic diSciPlines for IntellecTuAL dIsabiliTY- focused instead on the development of holistic disciplines for people with intellectual disabilities whose groups will also be integrated by able-bodied people; REPORTS -RevaluE sPORT Soft skills- which instead aims to recognize the soft skills acquired through sport thanks to a certification methodology created by evaluating agencies, as well as the recognition of informal learning and to conclude WITH -WalkIng Trough History- based on the methodology of studying history through sports, practiced in environments and places of historical interest. “Even if the deadlines have been extended by a month, we are doing our best to keep the expected commitments, despite the difficult situation we are facing” concludes Rinadi.