The HOSPITALITY project was presented electronically

On the afternoon of Wednesday 12 May, electronically via the Google MEET platform, the kick-off meeting relating to the HOSPITALITY project took place, which sees the UISP Committee Ciriè Settimo Chivasso as partner and the affiliate MeetLab as Lead Partner . Established only a year and a half ago, MeetLab was born from the imagination and ambition to create an environment where the business acquires a different meaning than usual: the idea that everyone, regardless of the level of preparation, can exploit the benefits of physical activity in correlation with mental well-being. Specializing in activities that marry mind and body, abandoning the clichés of competitive sport and leaving room for the needs of the individual, concentration on the present moment and gratitude towards oneself and what surrounds us, for MeetLab it was natural to propose HOSPITALITY – Holistic Sport Disciplines for People With Intellectual Disabilitiy – a project that aims to offer people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to participate in physical activities focused on gentle gymnastics and relaxation, supported by moments of guided meditation.

In line with the conclusions of the European Council of 18 November 2010 on the role of sport as a source and engine of active social inclusion, the project’s main objective is to encourage and promote the participation in sport of people from disadvantaged backgrounds, guaranteeing the same time their inclusion in society through sport, introducing them to new social networks and equipping them with new skills. In addition to MeetLab and the Ciriè Settimo Chivasso Committee, HOSPITALITY makes use of the collaboration of 3 other European realities: Courage Foundation from Bulgaria; Rijeka Society from Croatia and Scout Society from Romania. During the online meeting – after a brief presentation of the representatives of the various associations and the activities carried out by the latter – the president of MeetLab Roberto Rinaldi illustrated the key points of the project, the methods of carrying out the same and the timing of implementation.

“Unfortunately, due to some organizational problems, we are slightly behind on the schedule, but this will not affect the performance and success of HOSPITALITY” comments Rinaldi. The project will take place over 18 months – with conclusion, therefore, in June 2022 – by encouraging and proposing to promote the participation in physical activities of adults with intellectual disabilities and personality disorders together with able-bodied subjects – preferably family or friends – offering the ‘opportunity to combine both physical and psychological well-being thanks to a final part that includes guided meditation. During this period, the different partners will study the benefits of these activities: once the monitoring and evaluation of the courses has been obtained, the experts of UISP Ciriè Settimo Chivasso will have three months to develop a Manual of Good Practices – also attached to video output – which can be reproducible at a European level, so that everyone can take advantage of the synergies and exchanges produced by HOSPITALITY, for a future that is increasingly characterized by integration.