“The Paths of Memory”: sporting activity goes hand in hand with history and culture

Is it possible to combine sporting activity with history and culture, in this case with the story of the Resistance? Based on the experiences shared during the seminar “The Paths of Memory – A journey between school and civil society”, held from 8 to 11 July at the Hotel Piemonte in Turin, the answer is more than positive. In fact, the past weekend saw several actors discussing this very interesting and more than ever current issue, which should already have been the protagonist of a seminar in 2020, which unfortunately has been postponed many times due to the CoVid-19 pandemic that caused us hit for more than a year now. “Despite some absences on this occasion as well, we could no longer postpone it,” explained Francesco Aceti, president of the Regional Association UISP-USEP Alpes-Méditerranée, which also includes the Territorial Committee Ciriè Settimo Chivasso. In fact, the Director of the Committee, Roberto Rinaldi, who also holds the role of secretary within the EuroRegional association, was present for the occasion. Many national and transnational interventions, given the presence of representatives of the USEP – Union Sportive de l’Enseignement du Premier degrè- of UCEC -Consells Esportius de Catalunya- of CORSCPM – Comité d’Organisation des Rencontres Sportives et Culturelles Pyrénées Méditerranée- as well as the aforementioned EureRegionale association, composed not only of the Ciriè Settimo Chivasso Committee, but also of the Valle d’Aosta Regional Committee. Without forgetting the local authorities of the Metropolitan City, the Piedmont Region, the Regional Council of the Aosta Valley and the ANPI of the Aosta Valley.

“We are very happy with the results obtained from this conference, not only because our expectations in terms of participation have been respected ”commented Rinaldi. “The presence of all these realities has allowed us to compare ideas and projects on the theme of Memory, also discovering activities we were not aware of, such as those of Sentieri Resistenti, where the discipline of trekking connects places and signs of Memory of the Resistance in the Western Alps of Turin. The presence of the Metropolitan City of Turin – represented by Elena Apollonio – was also very important because it certainly offered ideas for future collaborations ”. In short, four days certainly intense, but which brought enrichment and some reflection for the future. “How will those years be told in the absence of witnesses and protagonists of those times and who unfortunately are disappearing today? What tools, what forms of communication should be prepared in a period in which denialism is reappearing and strengthening? ” asked the president Aceti. Important questions, which will certainly be further debated and explored in the coming months. “On the theme of Memory, at the EuroRegion level, we also presented a European project within the Erasmus + program, called VALUES: the latter is based on the training of teachers in the Paths of Memory and on the education of children for the discovery of partisan history ”concluded Rinaldi.