WINGS, for women victims of violence

Great opportunities can arise from obstacles and difficulties. We can summarize with this sentence the European Project WINGS, -Woman and Girls Empowerment through Sport- co-financed by the Erasmus + Sport program of the European Commission, which initially aimed to promote and encourage participation in the discipline of Judo – not a case the leader is the sports association of Judo Accademia Castelletto ASD- addressing above all to women and girls who are at risk of violence or who have been victims of it in the course of their lives. But the CoVid-19 pandemic has led to a disruption of the plans not only of the Judo Accademia Castelletto, but also of the other partners: the UISP Ciriè Settimo Chivasso APS Committee, the Courage Foundation association of Bulgaria and the Ginasio Clube Portugues of Lisbon.

This is why WINGS has been transformed into something totally new, through a massive awareness campaign conveyed through social media, including webinar conferences and face-to-face activities. But above all through the idea – very simple and at the same time effective – of requesting a red T-shirt with the WINGS symbol and posting a photo on the page dedicated to the project, as evidence of its support for the 25 November Day. A campaign that involved not only the partner states, but also Great Britain and Canada, and many famous people. On the days of November 19 and 20, at the headquarters of the Ginasio Clube Portugues, the last meeting relating to this project took place, where the partners involved focused above all on what was achieved on the occasion of November 25, International Day for ‘Elimination of Violence against Women, last year and what was instead planned for the 2021 edition. “In 2020, due to the delicate health situation that our country was experiencing, it was not possible for us to organize events in presence. for this reason we organized a videoconference, entitled Girls With WINGS, in which the project was illustrated, but which was also an opportunity for discussion both at regional and local level. In particular, the data on violence were reiterated, but it also offered interesting food for thought on the way in which sport can be activated in order to counter this phenomenon ”explained Director Roberto Rinaldi. Furthermore, those who participated in the videoconference were sent the red t-shirt with the logo of the project, a symbol of the battle against violence against women.

For 2021, however, with the health situation slightly improving compared to the previous year, the Ciriè Settimo Chivasso Committee has decided to organize an event in attendance. On November 27th, at the Luigi Bosio Sports Center in Settimo, a triangular five-a-side football was held which saw the participation of the mothers and athletes of the US Borgonuovo Settimo, affiliate of the UISP Territorial Committee. A non-random choice: the game of football is still one of those realities that continues – too often – to be considered a sport for men, many times clashing not only with prejudices, but also with aggressive attitudes. “Through sport we try to convey a concrete change” underlined Rinaldi.